Meet the sponsors of the 2017 USR fundraiser

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Well it’s 2017 and we are about to kick off our new fundraiser.

This year, we decided to do things a little differently.

The way that we plan on doing all of our fundraising this year will be purely based off of revenue we generate from the blog.

From deals with other bloggers for shout outs, or deals to push product reviews for proudcts and all other advertising fees, all profits will be totaled up and donate it to the fundraising account for USR.

One of the ways that we have been planning on marketing this fundraising campaign is through the use of guest blogging. This is where one blogger writes an article that provides value and then allows another blog to publish the article with proper credit to the author.

This is a win-win situation for both bloggers because one blog it’s a nice piece of content and the blogger that wrote the piece gets a nice shout out which is great for branding (see more: Marketing Strategies from The Wealth Network).

We are encouraging other bloggers to submit their guest post ideas so we can screen through them and choose the ones that best fit our audience. If you are considering writing a guest post article for the blog please make sure to keep your writing very simple and straightforward and make sure you cite all of your sources using numbered hyperlinks.

If you submit any pictures please limit them to 500 pixels and make sure that you give proper credit if you borrowed the image from another source.

The last way that we would like to market our fundraiser this year is to offer advertising space in our footer. If you would like to inquire about a footer please let us know and we will go over the pricing. The price will be for a one year advertising slot and the link will be live on all pages on the website.

Overall we are very excited about this new opportunity and we think this year’s fundraiser will be our most successful one yet.

July 13, 2017